Silicon Valley Leadership Summit


In 2023, Robert David established an endowment fund at the University of Illinois Foundation to support programs in the Illinois Leadership Center within the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

The Silicon Valley Leadership Summit aims to connect students with people in leadership positions at Silicon Valley. Students will be able to discuss leadership at this event through a panel discussion as well as a networking event.

March 30th, 2024
Hybrid (In-person: CIF 4025)

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2024 Panelists

Ann Tomlin
SVP HR at Lyell Immunopharma
headshot of Ann Tomlin
Brandon Bouwkamp
VP Talent Development at Procore
headshot of Brandon Bouwkamp
David Hanrahan
VP People at Flare
headshot of David Hanrahan
Robert David
Executive Director at CSHRP
headshot of Robert David

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the event virtual or in-person?

Both! This event is hybrid. Students will have the option to log in online and attend virtually or they can come attend in-person.

There will be free food provided for students attending in-person. 

Is this event restricted to students with majors in tech?

While the event has a focus on Silicon Valley, there are no restrictions on who can attend it. Students who are interested in the tech industry and want to grow their network are highly encouraged to register, regardless of their major.