CliftonStrengths at the ILC

The Illinois Leadership Center (ILC) has a contractual agreement with Gallup, Inc. which allows users access to create an account to complete the CliftonStrengths assessment through a private portal.

Each user must have an University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) campus email address ( to get access to the ILC's portal, and is able to complete the assessment one-time only. 

There is a limited number of FREE assessment codes available each year ONLY for UIUC students. 

  • In order for UIUC students to have the free access to the assessment, they must participate in a CliftonStrengths training conducted by the ILC staff (Please note, groups must be larger than 15 participants to request a workshop.)
  • OR an alternative workshop/discussion being facilitated by another instructor, department or unit on campus. 

The ILC also offers training for faculty & staff groups for a small fee. 

Scroll down to the bottom for more information about cost and access to the assessment. 

Please contact for assistance.


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Have you already participated in a workshop??

If you have already participated in a workshop or discussion, click below for additional resources, self-reflective worksheets, and reading articles to invest into your talents and turn them into your strengths.

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CliftonStrengths Training Overview


If you are wanting your students or group members to be aware of their natural talents and how to turn them into Strengths, then request a CliftonStrengths training session!

You can request a 60-minute workshop for a class or student groups affiliated with UIUC at NO COST which includes access to the CliftonStrengths assessment. 

Participants will need to complete the assessment prior to the training session. 

The training curriculum is designed for the participants to focus on validating their own personal talents/strengths through self-reflection exercises and discussions with other participants.

The CliftonStrengths: Self Discovery Workshop is also traditionally offer in the ILC's Leadership Workshop Series twice a year which are open to all UIUC students to sign up and attend. 

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Cost and Terms & Conditions for the CliftonStrength assessment: 

  • Must have an UIUC email address( to be granted access to the ILC's private portal. All users are only allowed to complete the assessment one-time on this portal.

  • Instructions to access and complete the assessment will be emailed to participants once a workshop is confirmed. We ask that requests are made at least 3 weeks prior to your preferred workshop date.

  • For UIUC Students, there is no fee to complete the assessment while supplies last for the year. However for student users to have access to the assessment at no cost, they must participate in a CliftonStrengths training conducted by the ILC or an alternative workshop/discussion being conducted by another campus unit. 

  • For Non-Students with an UIUC email address (e.g. UIUC faculty/staff members), the cost is $20/person to have access to the assessment on the ILC's portal. For any non-UIUC student groups interested in a training, there is an additional $75 fee for a standard 90-minute session for a group size of 20 people or less. 

  • For individuals without an UIUC email address or wish to retake the assessment, please visit to purchase an access code from Gallup to complete the assessment on their public portal.

  • As part of having access to and completing the assessment on the ILC portal, you, Gallup, Inc., and the ILC staff have access to your results. If you have any concerns about this, you may take the assessment (for a $ fee) on Gallup's public portal so your information is not affiliated with the ILC or the University. See above for the link to purchase an access code.

  • But should you choose to take the assessment through the ILC portal, please note your results can be shared with the person who requested that you have access to the assessment (i.e. your supervisor, advisor, professor or group leader) should you or they ask for it. This person is instructed to notify you if they are requesting to see your results. 

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About CliftonStrengths for Students

The global strengths movement started many decades ago when Dr. Don Clifton posed a simple question:"What would happen if we studied what was right with people versus what's wrong with people?"

Dr. Clifton spent the rest of his life researching and inventing ways to help people maximize their infinite potential. To understand not only who they are, but who they can become.

With the assistance from Gallup Inc., his work led him to invent the CliftonStrengths assessment (formerly StrengthsFinder & StrengthsQuest), used by millions of people to discover their natural talents -- what they do best. Dr. Clifton's research lead to discovering 430+ talents which were condensed to 34 themes and 4 domains.

Everyone may embody all 34 themes, but 5 rise to the top. 

Gallup's studies indicate that people who have the opportunity to focus on their natural talents are 6x more likely to be engaged and 3x more likely to thrive on campus and beyond.

Self-awareness is at the heart of leadership development and CliftonStrengths is a great way to deepen your awareness about yourself and better understand your leadership potential! 

Learn more at