Designed as six-hour seminars, i-Programs focus on a particular aspect of leadership practice.

Register to Participate in an i-Program!

Registration is required to attend an i-Program. To register, follow these steps:

Step #1: Go to https://leadership.illinois.edu/login or click the button below.

Step #2: Login using your Illinois Net ID.

Step #3: Click on the Registration tab to select and register for the appropriate i-Program session.

NOTE:  Bring your i-card to the program to swipe for admission.

Fall 2024 Dates
Program Name Format Registration Opens Registration Closes Modules Due In-Person Session
Strengths-Based Leadership Hybrid August 26 September 12   September 18, 3-6pm
Initiating Change in Your Life Hybrid September 9 October 1   October 10, 4-7pm
Inclusive Leadership Hybrid September 30 October 18   October 30, 4-7pm
Leading with Integrity Asynchronous October 23 November 7   Asynchronous
Creative Problem Solving in Groups and Teams In-Person November 11 December 4   December 7, 10 am-1pm

*Deadline is 11:59 pm on the dates listed above for program registration and module submissions.*

In-Person Session Location: Illini Union - Illini Rooms ABC

Note: The Illini Union Rooms ABC are on the main floor of the Union. The Ballroom is located on second floor on the north side of the building (closest to Green Street).

i-Program Format Types

The ILC offers i-Programs in three formats: in-person, online, and hybrid.


In-Person – Students attend a six-hour program and participate in activities and discussions with other students and facilitators in real life. There are no modules to complete before the in-person i-Programs. Students must attend the entirety of the in-person seminar to receive credit for the program. Dress code is casual (except for Imprint, where business casual is encouraged).


Online – The ILC offers the Integrity i-Program fully online in a self-paced (asynchronous) format. This i-Program is completed on Canvas and takes approximately six hours to complete. Students must complete all modules associated with the program to receive credit.


Hybrid – Hybrid i-Programs require students to complete 3-4 hours of online Canvas modules followed by a 3-hour in-person discussion session. To receive credit for the program, online modules must be completed before the discussion section, and attendance for the entirety of the in-person portion is required.



Sometimes positive changes happen in groups and organizations.  Other times, change may lead to negative consequences like creating uncertainty among members in an organization. The Ignite program helps participants learn about effective group and organization development, partnerships, and systems thinking. Students work together to develop a plan for their own change initiatives.

Illinois Leadership Competencies Addressed: Change Management, Systems Thinking



Displaying solid leadership during times of personal or professional change can be difficult.  The Imprint program provides an opportunity for current students to learn from Illinois Alums about self-management skills to employ when transition is on the horizon.  Participants also practice developing and maintaining professional networks that are often key to success.

Illinois Leadership Competencies Addressed: Relationship Management, Communication



Everyone is unique and everyone has bias, sometimes without a person realizing it. The Inclusion program takes a fresh look at equity, equality, and inclusion.  Participants learn to recognize the values of others and identify various social identities through the scope of leadership.

Illinois Leadership Competencies Addressed: Openness, Cultural Competency, Diversity Advocacy 

Rolls-Royce Innovation


The Rolls-Royce Innovation program focuses on innovation, creativity, and diversity of ideas in problem-solving. Participants learn their KAI assessment results, develop an understanding of their dominant problem-solving style, and how their approach to solutions can contribute to organizations and teams.

Illinois Leadership Competencies Addressed: Innovation, Change Management

Petullo Insight


The Petullo Insight program focuses on how self-awareness and self-management skills apply to leadership. Participants learn what their strengths are, why it matters, and how to use them in individual and team settings. 

Illinois Leadership Competencies Addressed: Self-Knowledge, Reflection



The Integrity program focuses on interpersonal and organizational ethical leadership. Participants are faced with ethical challenges and learn how to successfully navigate them.

Illinois Leadership Competencies Addressed: IntegrityOpenness

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