Our Team

Overseen by the Director, the Illinois Leadership Center’s (ILC) team is led by a team of full-time employees and graduate student employees. Each professional staff member either coordinates independently or supervises a work team/employee responsible for the development and implementation of one or more ILC’s initiatives.  

Professional Staff

Gayle Spencer, Ph.D.



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Alice Needham

Office Administrator


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Evan Lorenz

Assistant Director


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Joy Das

Assistant Director


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Nick Bonanno

Assistant Director


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Hannah Driscoll

Assistant Director


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Elise Heyde

Assistant Director


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Work Teams

Each year, the ILC employs about 20 undergraduate students. Student employees work in peer-led teams to provide support for the ILC’s programs and services.

  • Assessment and Research: Analyze and report on data from ILC programs & services​, as well as research focus areas for new curriculum
  • Branding, Advertising, Marketing, & Outreach (BAMO): Innovate and execute the ILC's branding, advertising, communications, marketing & outreach efforts
  • Leadership Certificate Program: Coordinate activities & events, facilitate workshops, as well as mentor students enrolled in the Leadership Certificate Program
  • Education: Coordinate the development and implementation of the ILC's i-Program Series, as well as design & facilitate leadership training to classes, RSOs & other student groups

Student employees on the Education team are employed through the John A. Graf Internship Program, and are called Graf Interns.